FAQ  for  Parents

What benefits does dance have for my child?

Dance has been proven to have multiple benefits for your child, including

  • helps develop coordination, flexibility, rhythm, grace, and balance and a focus on physical fitness

  • helps develop creative expression, self-esteem, and confidence

  • helps develop a lifelong appreciation and love for dance, music, and all arts

  • helps relieve stress and develop positive attitudes

  • helps develop memory strength, cerebral & cognitive thought processes, and strengthens brain activity

  • helps develop relationships and teamwork


Why choose DBD Studios?

There are many things that make DbD Studios a unique place for your child to dance:

  • the owner & director has a degree in Dance Education as well as numerous years teaching and choreographing around the United States as well as an extensive performance background, including 6 years as a Radio City Rockette, multiple musical theatre shows, and cruise ships

  • a syllabus written by Ms. Carolyn (owner & director)

  • teachers receive training and continued education

  • all teachers have a dance degree and/or extensive experience in the dance world and dance education

  • small, personalized classes

  • live viewing of your child's classes on a 32 inch tv in the lobby

  • appropriate dress code, appropriate music, appropriate choreography, and appropriate costumes; we pride ourselves on being family-friendly for all eyes and ears, from babies to grandparents, to enjoy our dancing

  • multiple performance opportunities

  • organized and clear communication

  • no hidden fees/payments

  • dance opportunities for the whole family (ages 1 and up), even our dads

  • a professional style recital

  • dance opportunities outside of classes including dance camps, master classes, field trips, birthday parties, dance night outs, and more!


When does dance begin?

We offer our classes to match the school year September-May. Dancers begin learning technique on day one and continue to train each week. Dancers have the opportunity to share what they are learning through their Christmas dances (performance in studio), Recital dances (performance at The Brauntex), and Parent Observation Week. Tuition is paid monthly and while students can drop a class (with two weeks notice) we encourage our students to commit to the full year to the benefit of themselves and their fellow dancers. Dancers remain with their class throughout the year to maintain the level of learning of their technique. Dancers will have the opportunity to move up levels/age groups for summer sessions or the following year. 

During the summer we offer two dance sessions plus multiple dance camps and master classes.


What age can my child start dancing?

We offer classes for babies to adults, starting with our Dance with Me classes (a mommy and me style class) to our Drop In and Adult Technique Classes for older teens and adults. We also offer ballroom classes for a date night, private lessons, and choreography for competitions, first dances, and more!


How do i know what level to place my child?

Our levels are first focused on age groups. Dancers tend to learn and apply technique and corrections with students of similar ages. If the DbD staff feels that a child should move up or down a level we will let you know and discuss the different options. It is always better to err on the side of the lower level than to have a child feel overwhelmed with a higher level and walk out of a class frustrated with themselves and dance. We want them to be excited to walk into class and excited about their growth as a dancer!


Can I come and watch a class? can my child try out a class before we register?

We'd love to have you come and visit our studio. We have a live video monitor that shows our dance classes on a 32 inch tv in the lobby. This is a great way to see what our classes and the studio are about. And an even better way to get to know us is to come and try a class! If there is room in the class (some classes are full with a waitlist) we'd love to have your child come and try the class firsthand. They are required to wear clothes they can move in (a fitted tee, leggings or exercise pants, and socks) with their hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun. Once you have decided to join the class your dancer will be required to follow the dress code.


What should i do if the class that works best for my family is full?

We understand that a family's schedule can get very busy. We encourage you to go ahead and register for the class and join the waitlist (there is no charge!) and to register for another class that's not perfect but still works. You can join as many waitlists as you would like; there are no charges until your child is officially part of that class. You can also send us an email letting us know of your situation and we will work hard to help you find that perfect fit.


When does registration start?

Registration opens May 25th for our current students for 2019-2020 season. We highly recommend you register early to help you find the perfect class for your family. Some classes will fill up in under a day and we want you to get the class you want! One week later the classes will open to new students who are interested in joining us. We want to thank you for your loyalty by giving you the best and first option for your dancer. 


Are parents and/or family allowed in the classroom during a dance class?

Only our students and teachers are allowed in the classroom during a dance class. The only exceptions are Carolyn's Cuties and Parent Participation Week. This allows our dancers the freedom to move and learn and the discipline to focus on the teacher and the technique. If you see your child not participating, following directions, misbehaving, etc please do not enter the room. It is very important that our dancers learn to respect their teachers and our teachers learn the best way to teach your dancer, this includes discipline and creativity. It is very important that you allow your dancer that growth to learn how to learn, how to adjust to the classroom space, follow directions, wait their turn, and dance with others. Our teachers will escort your child to the lobby if they become too disruptive for the class or if they are in danger of injuring themselves or others. Some children learn best by observing first and then participating. Don't worry; they are still learning so many of the important dance concepts and will probably be ready to show off at home in a more comfortable atmosphere.


How can i help my child prepare for the best dance experience?

We're excited you've chosen us to open your dancer's eyes and heart to the world of dance and want them (and you) to have the best experience! First, talk about the expectations for the class (follow directions, no running/screaming, no touching other dancers), show them their teacher and tell them their name and a little bit about them (we have their pictures and info on our website and also have their pictures hanging in our lobby), show up to the studio at least 5 minutes before the class begins to get them used to the space and get ready for their class (we'll have a movie playing and coloring sheets to help keep them entertained), get them excited about what they are going to learn and how they share this with you after the class is over, show them the tvs and how you will not be leaving but will be watching them, walk them to the door of the classroom (and inside, if needed), and then have a seat in the lobby. If your child is crying the teacher will communicate the best step to take next, either you joining the class, sitting in the classroom, or letting the teacher settle down the child. Some dancers will need the consistency of coming every week for 3-4 weeks before settling into the routine and getting excited about dancing in a room with their friends. Our goal is to have your child excited about the world of dance and our dance studio!


what does my child need to wear to class?

All students must follow the studio's DRESS CODE. Dancers are required to purchase and wear tights and shoes from DbD Studios. This ensures that your child is wearing high quality and affordable dance wear and shoes that will compliment their dancing. It is very important that dancers have specific shoes that will allow them to fully stretch their feet while pointing, fit correctly while tapping with the proper sized taps that are placed properly on the shoes, execute turns, and more. Following dress code also allows our students to focus on their dancing and not their tights or shoes. Ms. Carolyn has searched for the best quality and affordable dance wear and is excited to share them with our dancers. The studio also has multiple sales through out the year to ensure even better pricing. 


When does my child perform? what will she/he be doing?

Twos and Dance 101 classes will perform their Turkey dances the week before Thanksgiving in the studio during their normal class time. ALL classes (except Cuties and Drop In) will perform their Christmas dances the week before Christmas break begins in the studio during their normal class time. We will have fun accessories to create their costume. Our combo classes will present one style of dance for their Christmas dance and the other style for their recital dance; you will receive an email that will specify which dance will be performed when. ALL classes (except Cuties and Drop In) will perform in the April recital. Costumes will be purchased for each class to wear for their performance, dress rehearsal, and pictures. These fees will be collected in October and November. Our April recital is a fun experience for everyone from our dancers to our staff to our parents and their family and friends. It's a thrill to watch them on stage in their costumes showing off what they have learned throughout the year!


What kind of payments do i have to make?

You can find details for each payment listed on our website. They include our membership fee, monthly tuition, and our April recital costume fee (for those who are participating in the recital).


How much is the recital fee?

There will be a $30 digital media package for each family participating in recital. This includes all digital videography & photography for all shows plus a professional class photo in their recital costume. Tickets will be available for purchase in mid April online. Each seat is reserved and will cost approximately $10-$20. More information to come in your recital packet shared in February. Optional recital items include a recital tee, recital flowers, and a program ad. All these details can be found on the Recital Page


why do I have to purchase a recital ticket?

We want your dancer's day to be as special as possible with a professional performing experience. The cost of your ticket includes the time of the DbD teachers and staff, the rental of the beautiful Jackson Auditorium for rehearsals and performances, backstage help and entertainment, a professional backdrop, props/set/scenery, beautiful programs, and more! We keep our ticket prices competitive and give options for each budget.


Why is it reserved seating?

We try to make recital day as much fun with as least stress as possible. Reserved seating lets you feel comfortable showing up at a reasonable time knowing your family and friends will be sitting together. Showing up 2 hours before the show begins and standing in the Texas heat to enter the theatre and then fight to save seats for your family doesn't sound fun or stress free!


How can i dance in "christmas traditions"?

"Christmas Traditions" is performed by Designed to Dance Company. Auditions are held in late May and dancers must be age 4 by September 1st. D2D members are required to dance throughout the summer in technique classes or summer camps/master classes and are required to attend extra weekly rehearsals on top of their technique classes. D2D members also have the opportunity to be on the performance team. Find all the details here.


How can i register for an event, Field trip, or birthday party?

The easiest way is to download our free app. Click the "Events Registration" button on our home page. This will take you to the registration home page where you will answer the required questions (marked with a red *) and click submit. You can also register for an event by visiting the parent portal and clicking on "Events Registration". You can find our Events calendar here.