Registration FAQ

How do I register?

Current Students:

  • Online: Classes
  • Free App: “Dance by Design Studios” and hit the “2017-18 Classes” button or “My Account” button

New Students:  

  • Online: Classes
  • Free App: “Dance by Design Studios” and hit the “2017-18 Classes” button

Be sure to pick up your Registration Tee from our front office staff


What will I be charged?

Once your registration has been approved your credit/debit card will be charged the registration fee:

  • $35/current student or $55/current family
  • $50/new student or $70/new family


When will tuition be charged?

Tuition is charged by the 3rd of each dancing month (September-May).


How do I purchase a Drop In Class?

All dancers must be registered as a student in our software. Drop In Classes do not require a registration fee and classes can be purchased as singles ($10) or 10 class card ($80) by email or with our office staff.


When is the last day I can register or transfer to a different class?

Registration closes on November 29,2018.  Current students will not be able to transfer to a new class after this date.


Why is the age cut off set on Sept. 1st, 2018?

Like the school system we have learned that dancers learn the best when they are grouped together with students at their same age level. It is also important (especially for our younger classes) that the class have a small age range. We have also learned that this helps all of our dancers have a successful recital.


Is there a dress code?

Yes. Students are required to purchase their tights and shoes from DbD Studios. Leotards and more are available for purchase as well. You can find more details here.


Is there a recital?

YES! Our recital is scheduled for May 18th & 19th 2019 at The Brauntex Theatre in New Braunfels. Students are encouraged to perform but not required. Find all of the important dates here. *Carolyn’s Cuties & Drop In Classes do not perform in the recital. 


Is there a costume fee?

Yes.  Twos in Tutus, Dance 101, and Combo classes are $60/class and Levels 1-5 are $70/class. The May recital costume fee includes the costume in a garment bag, large alterations/exchanges, and tights. Costume Fees will be posted at time of registration and must be paid by October 31st. They are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


Is there a recital fee?

No. Recital tickets are sold in late April/early May and are reserved seating. The cost of your ticket includes the time of the DbD teachers and staff, the rental of the beautiful and historic Brauntex Theatre for rehearsals and performances, backstage help and entertainment, professional photography, a professional backdrop, props/set/scenery, beautiful programs and tickets, live video streaming of the recital for family and friends, and more!

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