Dance Classes for 2 year olds

Membership Fee: $50/family (due at time of registration + one month’s tuition as deposit)

Dance with Me $40/month (multiple class rates)

A fun filled Mommy & Me style class introducing the world of dance to your little one. The class focuses on using props and parent/child interaction to help learn musicality, coordination, and rhythm. This class does not perform in the recital.

Dress Code: Dancers and their partners are asked to wear clothes that they can move in (tee, leggings, etc) and socks. Dancers are not required to wear leotards, tights, and/or ballet shoes but can purchase them from the studio if they would like (we have everything in their size!).

Twos in Tutus & Ties $50/month

Costume Fee: $62/class (50% due Oct. 15th & 50% due Nov. 15th)

DbD dancers are required to purchase shoes & tights from the dance studio.

Dress Code: Leotard (skirt/tutu allowed, prefer attached); pink tights and pink ballet shoes from studio; hair secured up and back)

*No jewelry allowed; tights MUST be worn with any shorts; no midriffs to be shown

Boys Dress Code: solid color fitted tee, black fitted pants/leggings, black dance shoes

A 30 minute class that uses technique, fun, props, and different styles of music to teach dance, rhythm, coordination, and following directions. Performs in the recital.