Dance Classes for 2 year olds

Dance with Me (6 months-4 year olds) $40/month or $15/Drop In

Membership Fee: $50/Family

A fun filled Mommy & Me style class introducing the world of dance to your little one. The class focuses on using props and parent/child interaction to help learn musicality, coordination, and rhythm. Dancers and their partners are asked to wear clothes that they can move in (tee, leggings, etc) and socks. Dancers are also welcome to wear the Dress Code for Twos & Dance 101. We sell everything in your dancer's size! 


Twos in Tutus & Ties (2 years old) $50/month

Membership Fee: $50/Family

Costume Fee: $62/class

A 30 minute first dance class without a parent. Skills focus on circle time, music and motor skills with props, name recognition, directionality, ballerina curtsy and walk, first position, plié, sliding, galloping, and working with a partner.